Divine Speech Book

Divine Speech Book

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About the Book

Divine Speech: Exploring the Quran as Literature introduces aspects of its literary beauty to a wider, English-speaking audience. These aspects include its remarkable language and word choice, its use of a wide variety of coherence, structure, and order of its "chapters" - features that typically remain mysterious to readers of English translations of the text. Divine Speech provides its readers with a better appreciation of the Quran from a literary perspective, and in the process stimulates interest in, and provides tools and resources for further study of the scripture.

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Customer Reviews

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Nazir Ahmad

Divine Speech Book


I just received it & can’t wait to start reading. I am 100% sure this book will be worth reading and I can learn a lot from it. Thank you Ust. Nouman Ali Khan!

Tehsin Shaikh
Arrived to UK in 5 days

I have not yet finished reading the whole book. My journey as bayyinah student of "QUR'AN" and the book " Devine Speech" is not completed. But i am on my way ..as far as I have read, i realised why Allah said to all humanity and jinn to work together and create a single ayat will be impossible. All elements of miracles is impossible for us to put together. Indeed it is a book of Allah.

GHairatullah Arabzai
Arrived on time! Also,…

Dear Bayyinah,

I have not read the entire book yet. I am on the first pages, but it has been GREAT so far! Honestly, I am not in a position to comment on the content, but it reads well. I understand it and will continue to read it. I am reading it a few pages per day.

Could you also please do me a favor? Please pass on my Salam to Ustad Nouman Ali Khan! And THANK him for me for all he does!

With thanks,

Ahmed J Naseh